RASHMI - The first Hindi speaking humanoid robot in the world

RASHMI - The first Hindi speaking humanoid robot in the world

RASHMI - The first Hindi speaking humanoid robot in the world:-

RASHMI - The first Hindi speaking humanoid robot in the world
Ranchi's Ranjit Srivastava developed an Indian version of Robot Sophia, who secured Dubai's citizenship. It is only a record time of two years and only 50 thousand rupees are spent. Rashmi is described as a humanoid robot in the next generation of Sophia, developed by Hong Kong company, which can speak English, Bhojpuri and Marathi. It is able to change gestures and emotional interactions.

The world's first Hindi-speaking robot

Ranjit, who did an MBA from Madurai Kamaraj University in Lucknow, claims that Rashmi is the world's first Hindi-speaking, true-minded, and female-like robot, which lifts even in the order of conversation. This robot uses a linguistic interpreter (AI), artificial intelligence (AI), visual data and facial detection technique.

The 38-year-old living in the mountain (in hill station area of ​​the capital),  Ranjit says that this robot works well with my special software and Linguistic translator system. Li analyzes the spirit of programming conversations and works in response to the Ai program device.

Many companies have contacts in India and abroad

He mentioned the trial chairman RS Sharma. Sharma always encouraged him to be special. Different leading and foreign companies of the country are coming forward to connect with different projects for their software.

Construction will be completed within two months

To show an incredible extraordinary achievement for the Rashmi robot, many of the experts said that it is a pleasure to develop a Hindi-speaking robot in India. ISM's Somnath, Dhanbad Sophia, as an updated version. Ranjit, the software developer for nearly 15 years, has demanded it to be fully humanized in the next two months. The head and body of the robot have improved up to 80 percent and they are working properly. Srivastava said the process of connecting the hands and feet is in the final stage.

Capable to become a good friend

In the past, Ranjit, who runs the Lotus Software Company, said Rashmi revealed her face, eyes, lips and eyebrows. This robot can rotate its neck as needed. Regarding the use of robots in a country like India, Ranjit said it is the future generation. It can serve as a good friend of the receptionists, assistants, lonely people and the poor.

Talking about Ugly speaking so robot said- go to "HELL"...

He showed the Rashmi robot and showed how he reacted and how he responded when asking something. For example, the robot was told that if you are ugly, then the answer to the ramie technique ........ no, you go to hell. It looks beautiful, thanks saying.

Roshmi Robot said that His favourite actor Shahrukh Khan, when it was asked. Srivastava said that due to the cameras attached to his eyes, this person has to know about certain people occasionally after the meeting.

Inspired by Sophia, Ranjit said, "I have developed many software for different sections of the Jharkhand government, which was appreciated nationally". Ranjit developed the portal for information, public relations and tourism department. Tourism Portal also won the National Tourism Award. His father TP Srivastava BSNL's AGM.

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